aka: Melodrama Habibi - Fiction - dramatic comedy - 90 mn

For my first feature, I wanted to write a dramatic comedy set in Lebanon, with the civil war as an historical backdrop and a people’s distorted memory as subtext. A song seemed the most appropriate way to illustrate that. It’s a thing we keep in our heads and make our own. It triggers good memories as well as bad ones, memories we can’t shake easily, like the song itself, one that can resonate in our heads for days, hence the title, Une chanson dans la tête meaning: A song in one’s mind. To underline the mood I was looking for, I was inspired by foreign films shot in Lebanon back in the 60s and 70s (La Grande Sauterelle, Where the spies are, Rebus), when the country was prosperous and known as the Switzerland or Monte-Carlo of the Middle-East.

Set photographer Sarmad Louis

Black and white behid the scenes photos Hany Tamba.

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